Hand lettering 

I've been in love with hand lettering & typography since before I can remember. Nothing beats the unique feeling of lettering made by hand.  I frequently work with clients on commissioned hand lettering design projects of many kinds and have developed a variety of lettering styles throughout work and personal explorations.



I offer custom calligraphy for envelopes, event signage and more! Check it out here.


Stationery & Invitations

From weddings to baby showers to birthdays, long live the printed invitation! If you're looking for a design that is uniquely your own, we can work together to create a perfectly customized invitation or stationery design of any kind. 


Logo design & branding

I'm pursuing the dream along with you by creating a unique logo that says exactly what it should about your awesome dream-conquering self. My branding projects usually involve a combination of hand made type and sometimes illustration. Every brand is different and I like to work together for a well thought out final result.


Custom Illustration

From posters to tee shirt designs and anything in-between - if you think my style would fit your idea, let's talk.

If you're interested in any of my services, feel free to contact me for a free estimate on my contact page!